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The key concept of the Option Income system is vastly different than most investing premises. We use option premiums to produce monthly income. Traditional investing seeks a positive capital gain -- the old “buy low and sell high” or “buy and hold” and wait for your portfolio to hopefully increase in value whereas, the Option Income System seeks to generate a positive cash flow every month through a time-tested trading strategy called “Selling Cash-Secured Puts.” A system that when done properly will consistently generate passive monthly income. Best of all we rarely own any stock, so we are not as susceptible to losing money in bear markets. We use and treat cash and stock like hard assets; in fact, we treat them very much like real estate rental property! We use cash as the underlying asset (real estate) and rent out the use of our asset each month to generate income (rent).

Whether you are a short-term trader trying to time the market, or a long term investor trying to gut out the 5 to 20 year wait for your portfolio to become profitable again after that last huge market down swing, knowing when to buy and when to sell for capital gains is a tough psychological game to win at and most don’t. In fact, 80% of professional mutual fund money managers cannot beat the S&P 500 index! This is exactly why I developed an income-based system. The Option Income System allows your trade to be successful if the market goes up, sideways or down a little, which is much easier than timing the market and having to figure out when to buy and sell stock. It also has many other benefits like increasing your probability of success, reducing risk, and most importantly generating monthly income that produces positive annual returns year-after-year to achieve financial freedom. We hope you will join us!


Over the years as I was searching for the right system for me (and hopefully you), I developed the following list of twelve requirements to develop a successful investment system that would allow me to achieve financial freedom and retire on my terms.

The system shall...

1. Produce positive returns every year
I don’t like losing money. Who does? If you invest directly in stocks or mutual funds your portfolio will have up years and down years as the market fluctuates through bull markets and recessions. In order to build wealth through compounding you cannot have losing years.

2. Generate income monthly in order to utilize the power of compounding
Monthly income allows us to reinvest our profits to grow our capital faster! Earning 2% each month and reinvesting it monthly has a compounded return of 26.8% instead of 24% annually. Now that doesn’t sound like much but over 5 years your monthly compounding return is 228%! Compare that to a buy and hold strategy which would return 120% over the same 5 year period.

3. Consistently produce 20%+ annual returns
When reinvested this allows our money to double every 2 to 4 years which builds incredible wealth over a relatively short period of time. For example, if you start with $20,000 to invest compounded monthly at a 20% rate in 14 years you will have amassed $321,390. At which point you could earn a nice living still implementing this system and making 2-3% a month, in this case earning 2% each month from your capital would produce $64,277 a year. If you did a little better and averaged 23% a year, after 14 years you would have $485,540, which could generate $111,674 a year from earning 2% each month without being reinvested to retire on.

4. Give you control over your investment
Traditional investing of buying and holding stock affords you very little control of your investments, as you are left to the up and down whims of the market. You also have no idea how much money you are going to make (or lose) and when you will realize that profit or loss. With the Option Income System before you enter a trade you know how much money you are going to make, when you will make it, and the probability of your success!

5. Not take more than a few hours per month to perform
Once you have developed your prospect list you only need to spend a few hours each month to determine the best qualified candidate for your trade. After the third Friday of the month (options expiration day) you simply repeat the process to generate income for the next month.

6. Not require constant monitoring
After my order has been executed I like to take a few minutes each evening to check on the status of my trade. However, if you wanted to take a one week Caribbean cruise with no internet access you could do so without any problem.

7. Trade only high quality fundamentally sound companies or strong sector ETF’s as the underlying asset
This system not only works with stocks of great, fundamentally sound companies, but it should only be performed with the best, most fundamentally sound companies or ETF’s that you would be willing and interested in purchasing! Unlike other books that contain selling put strategies I actually show you how to determine and find these strong performers.

8. Put time decay value on your side
We must have time working for us and not against us. As the seller of the option, your probability of success increases each day as you move closer to the options expiration date due to the time decay value of options.

9. Have a 70%+ statistical success rate for each trade using mathematical probability models before entering the trade
You only enter a trade when you have a minimum of 70% chance of success at the beginning of the option month. Sometimes you start with even a higher success rate -- upwards of 80%. With each passing day your probability of success rate increases due to time decay of the option.

10. Have less exposure to market risk than traditional buy and sell stock for capital gain investment methods
Due to the thorough qualification process of what, when and how you sell cash-secured Puts you rarely have your options exercised requiring you to buy stock, (on average two times a year) so you are technically at most only in the market a total of 8-10 weeks a year. Being out of the market most of the year greatly reduces your exposure to the nasty down swings that can wipe out large portions of your portfolios worth. Granted you don’t participate in the upswings either, but year-after-year you consistently generate income that produces positive returns in up, down or sideways markets!

11. Be simple enough to be learned by anyone with a basic understanding of stock options
The option income system is really quite simple. Monthly income is generated by selling stock options on the strongest companies when we meet our risk to reward and success rate rules. In this book we go over the mechanics of selling a Put option, but do not cover the fundamentals of how stock options work. There are many excellent books that cover this topic that you can study.

12. Be repeatable, others can learn this system and produce the same results This is the acid test that determines if it’s really a system. My hope is that others can learn my system and profit as I have from its success. Doing so will validate that what I have created is much more than an investment philosophy or trading strategy; but a system that others can repeat and produce consistently to benefit their families and their retirement.

Does this sounds like an investing system that you would like to pursue? If so, dig in and read the 'Getting Started' page to learn more!

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