2010 Performance - as of July 23
Option Income  +13.3%
S&P 500  -1.1%

While the S&P 500 treads water around 1100 (just below it's Jan 1, 2010 mark of 1115) the Option Income System has been consistently compounding income month-after-month. Currently we are up +13.3% year-to-date and are presently on track to a +25.8% profit which is our current annualized rate of return. That's assuming that our August's trade (GDX $44 Puts) expires out-of-the money on August 20th.

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2009 Performance
Option Income  +26.6%
S&P 500  +23.4%

In our first year the Option Income System was a huge success! We generated income that produced a 26.6% return beating the overall market by 3.2%. Now three percent may not seem like a lot; however, when you consider that less than 20% of all professional money managers cannot beat the S&P 500 index and we did it in our first year - that's a big win!

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