Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey, Ho… Killer Content to Go!

My lovely wife told me about an interesting blog post about the Ramones (we love these guys) and what their style of music can teach you about writing killer content.

I saw the Ramones at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in the late 70’s, there’s nobody like this band – they’re true originals! Pure non-stop energy! From the moment they hit the first power cord of their first song they didn’t stop until the concert was over! It went something like this… Joey would give a countdown "1234!", song, 1234, song, 1234… they kept up a non-stop pace for nearly 2 hours without even a pause! Each song was catchy, fun, and to the point. After the concert I was satisfyingly exhausted, and I was just watching!

So I'm taking this to heart on the traditionally boring subject of Finance, let's keep it to-the-point, catchy and fun. Did I mention I like a challenge?

Gabba, Gabba, Hey!


  1. Good idea and don't forget the passion that fuels them either. I saw the new music documentary "It Might Get Loud" last night that brings together Jimmie Page, The Edge, and Jack White. It was so good and so much better than I can describe, but it had you from the start by showing Jack White building a guitar from a 2x4, nails, wire, and a coke bottle.

  2. Good point! Definitely passion is also a key ingredient. The 'mo' in the Ramones mojo! I'll check out the music documentary.

    Speaking of docu-sytle movies have you seen District 9 yet? What a bizarre movie! Just when you are ready to leave the movie theater it grabs you and starts getting interesting and entertaining. Check it out - but I'm warning you it's very different. I think if it came out in the 70's it would turn into a midnight cult movie!